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More than 40 million Americans are dealing with permanent hearing loss, and unfortunately, much of that hearing loss is preventable. Much of this is caused by exposure to dangerously loud noises and is referred to as noise-induced hearing loss. There is always a risk you are causing permanent harm to your hearing when you are around excessive noise without hearing protection. Noise-induced hearing loss can set in quickly or grow over time, depending on your noise exposure.

If this hearing loss remains untreated, it can reduce your quality of life and overall health. That's why it makes sense to protect yourself with hearing protection.

Most people who are taking their first steps towards protecting their hearing use foam earplugs. These are made of a moldable foam material intended to expand and conform to the shape of the ear canal of each individual. Although they are better than no protection at all, they are not the perfect solution. For that, you should choose custom earplugs from our hearing centers conveniently located in Bluffton, SC, Hilton Head Island, SC & Savannah, GA.

Custom-fit earplugs

Custom-fit earplugs are created from an impression of the ear. Some earplugs are solid plugs, while others have filters that allow the passage of normal sound levels while blocking hazardous levels of noise. They are often made of silicone.

Types of custom earmolds we offer

Musician plugs are custom earplugs that are great if you love live music but want to protect yourself. These earplugs decrease the total volume of the music to protect your ears but still retain its natural sound quality. The musician's plugs are fitted with a filter to allow the sound to pass through at a safe level. The higher the filter number, the more the sound is reduced.

Swimming plugs are customized earplugs intended to keep the water out of your ear canal when swimming or showering. They can help minimize the occurrence of moisture-induced ear infections.

Shooter earplugs are specifically designed to fit your unique ear shape. They allow for direct communication with their hunters, as well as improved sharpness when stalking. Unique filters immediately suppress the noise when a gunshot is fired, protecting your ears!

Why choose custom-fit hearing protection?

#1: They offer better sound quality.
Foam earplugs block all frequencies, creating an 'occlusion effect,' which is the feeling in the voice of a "hollow" or "booming" echo-like sound.

In comparison, custom earplugs have complex filters for a precise, even degree of noise reduction. The earplugs can be configured to reduce volume only by the amount required and can, more than others, filter some forms of sound, maintaining the quality of speech and music.

#2: They are cheaper in the long run.
Custom earplugs are surprisingly inexpensive, especially when you realize that they last longer and provide better protection than cheap disposable earplugs. It's much better to invest in a pair of custom-fit hearing devices than to waste a lot of money replacing cheaper disposable ones.

#3: They are more comfortable.
To effectively minimize volume, foam earplugs need to form a deep, tight seal inside the ear canal. this feeling of being 'plugged up' isn't the most comfortable

As mentioned earlier, custom earplugs are fitted by a hearing expert to each patient's unique ear contours. This provides a more comfortable, natural fit without the feeling of constant pressure.

Additionally, foam earplugs don't conform to ear size and shape variations. So Custom earplugs are specially shaped for each patient. Therefore, differences in ear size and shape pose no problem at all.

#4: They come in a range of types.
No matter what your pastime or occupation, there is a custom-fit hearing device to suit you. Whether you are a musician, motorcyclist, or just need to block out your husband's snores, there is a device for you.

A custom-fit hearing protection system is well worth the investment if you need all-day, regular hearing protection. Schedule an appointment today with Southeast Hearing Centers to find out more.

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