Start the Year Off Right with an Annual Hearing Test

Start the Year Off Right with an Annual Hearing Test

In Hearing Health, Hearing Testing by Kyle Sims

Kyle Sims

With 2019 well underway and 2018 fading into memory, what better time to get in the habit of some new healthy practices? Rather than setting resolutions that are impossible to keep, January is a great time to put in the work toward routines that promote your general wellbeing.

What Are Your Resolutions?

Perhaps you suffer from lethargy and exhaustion during the day. If that mid-afternoon slump was dogging you in 2018, why not put in motion the right steps to feel rested and energetic during your waking hours? Setting appropriate times for sleeping—bedtime and waking—is only half the battle. Even if you get enough time sleeping, you may not be getting restful sleep. Creating the right environment in your bedroom is essential to getting sound rest. Habits such as keeping screens out of the bedroom, regularly cleaning your bed linens, and maintaining the right temperature and humidity can all contribute to sound and restful sleep. This example is just one way to think about promoting healthy habits rather than setting strict rules for yourself in the form of resolutions.

Resolve to Hear Better

Another way to start the New Year off right is to set up some healthy habits with your hearing. Although making drastic resolutions can set yourself up for failure, incrementally developing a healthy lifestyle is a balanced approach to hearing health, as well. The following helpful tips will point you in the direction of healthy hearing in 2019 and beyond.

Integrate Hearing Protection

Hearing protection is an important feature of your hearing health, and integrating earplugs or other protective measures is a habit formed in small steps. If you work in a noisy environment, set goals for yourself to remember to wear your hearing protection as often as possible. If you find that you currently neglect your hearing protection almost all the time, set a small goal of wearing earplugs or noise cancelling earmuffs once a week. Before you know it, a healthy habit will be formed. Limiting your exposure to damaging sound is another way to think about protection. If you find yourself using headphones at a loud level or exposing yourself to very loud music at concerts or night clubs, consider limiting your exposure. Taking breaks can be a good way to preserve your hearing, and you don’t need a resolution to make a positive change. Simply take some quiet time away from a loud setting when you’re ears get tired. A breath of fresh air away from the action is an enjoyable change of pace in any environment.

Using Your Hearing Assistance

One important habit of healthy hearing that you can develop is using the hearing aids you already have. Of course, hearing assistance is only effective if you use it, so try to set some incremental goals for your hearing aid use as well. If you’ve been in the habit of removing your hearing aids in certain situations, such as social events or public environments, why not take a step in the direction of clear hearing. The next time you are going to a place where your hearing aids seem to struggle, try changing the listening program, play around with the settings, and find the most effective way to use your devices. As with the other hearing health measures described, a resolution to drastically change your lifestyle is more likely to be ineffective, but putting in place some simple steps is an excellent way to develop a lasting habit long beyond 2019.

Schedule an Annual Exam

The annual hearing exam is one of the simplest habits you can make for yourself in this year and the years to come. Even those who do not know if they have hearing loss can benefit from an exam. In the first place, knowing your baseline hearing capability is essential information for future hearing health and assistance. Your hearing health specialist will keep a record of this baseline ability and use it to judge your ability in the future. In addition, the gradual nature of hearing loss means that you may have already lost hearing in ways you do not even know. A hearing health specialist will be able to give you a complete picture of your hearing abilities, and can help you notice immediately if there are any changes to your hearing health, so visit us today at Southeast Hearing Centers and start the year off right.