What to Expect at a Hearing Exam

What to Expect at a Hearing Exam

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Kyle Sims

Are you worried you may be experiencing hearing loss? Hearing is one of the essential five senses – and hearing loss can greatly impact your general and emotional health. Unfortunately, many Americans wait  between five and seven years to get their hearing concerns addressed. By then, there are experiences that you’ve lost and will never get back and, your hearing has worsened considerably. If you are concerned with your hearing abilities, contact us at Southeast Hearing Centers today and schedule a hearing evaluation.

Hearing exams are private, painless and a short part out of your life for the benefits they give you. All your questions will be answered, and your concerns addressed by the caring team of professionals at a Southeast Hearing Centers. And, remember – you can test drive your hearing aids so you are sure what you are getting will work for you!

A Hearing Test is the First Step to Improving Your Hearing Health

The hearing evaluation will determine your hearing abilities, and if a hearing loss is detected, it will indicate the type, degree, and configuration of your hearing loss. The type of hearing loss will determine whether you need hearing aids or another medical intervention that could help.

A hearing test begins first with a conversation. We’ll ask about your lifestyle and your personal medical history. Your personal medical history is important because things like allergies, head colds, infections, prescription medication, medical treatments and even impacted ear wax can cause temporary or permanent hearing damage. Take note of times you’ve experienced challenges with hearing, as this could help us determine treatment if a hearing loss is found.  We will also discuss your family history, as this could help determine the possibility of genetic or inherited issues that should be taken into consideration.

We will talk about when and how you first noticed you had hearing issues. We’ll talk about your lifestyle and what you might be expecting from hearing aids, should you need treatment. We need to understand everything from your work to your hobbies to your social life. The more we know, the better we can help you if a hearing loss is detected!

We will also conduct a physical examination of your ears, using an otoscope. In some cases, there may be impacted earwax or injury to your eardrums, both of which could cause hearing loss.

Some people find it helpful to have another person with them during a discussion of their options. There is a lot of information to process and a second person can help if there are questions you might not think about.

Hearing Tests

The hearing test is done in a private sound-treated room or booth. We don’t want outside sounds to interfere with the results. You may hear noise in one ear and a tone in the other; when you do so, you’ll be asked to gesture or push a button indicating that you’ve heard the sounds. You will be asked to repeat whispered words and an audiometer will measure what tones you hear and at what levels you may start to have hearing difficulties. Words that you are asked to repeat will be played at different levels to determine what you can hear. Having you repeat words tests your comprehension and sound processing.

Reviewing Your Audiogram

The results of the test will appear on an audiogram, a visual representation of your hearing abilities by ear. It will give details on the softest sounds, the different pitches, and the different sound frequencies you find audible. Results are plotted in decibels, which is useful if hearing aids are need.

If you need hearing aids or perhaps assistive hearing devices, there are many to choose from. There are models to fit your lifestyle including your hobbies and your budget.

Take a Test with Us at Southeast Hearing Centers

At Southeast Hearing Centers, we make sure you are at ease during your hearing evaluation, that you fully understand your options, and that you are comfortable with the hearing devices you have chosen. To schedule a hearing test, contact us at Southeast Hearing Centers today!